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Building Access
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Vendor/Contractor Access

There may be special instances where vendors or contractors need to perform work in your suite during non-business hours. In such instances, please provide written notification to the Office of the Building, stating the name(s) of the individual(s) and the company, the date they will be coming, and the approximate time. A brief description of the work to be done and a certificate of insurance must also be included. We also require all contractors to provide photo identification upon sign-in before access to the building will be allowed. All vendors are required to have a current certificate of insurance on file with the building. For certificate of insurance requirements, please download the form here.

Tenant Precautions

Primary responsibility for the security must rest with each tenant. Please ensure, upon leaving the Building, that all entrances and exits to your suite are locked. During the day, offices, desks and entrance areas should never be left unattended. Valuables, such as purses, should not be left unattended when an employee leaves his or her workstation. Solicitation is not permitted within 180 North LaSalle. Therefore, if you notice a suspicious person within the building, please call Security or the Office of the Building at once and provide as much detailed information as possible regarding the person. 180 North LaSalle security personnel will escort the individual off the premises. We also suggest that you require photo identification from repairmen who come to work in your office suite.

Special Keying

All keys at 180 North LaSalle are keyed to a Building Master Key system. This key system is necessary so that the building staff has access to all areas in the event of an emergency. For this reason, we require that no locks are changed or additional locks/bolts added to any door within your suite. If additional lock work for your suite is necessary, prior written consent must be obtained from the Office of the Building.

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