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Moving Procedures
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Instructions to Movers

  1. General
    The mover must perform all services required to move furniture, office machines, records and supplies. Arrangements for reserving the elevator must be made with the Office of the building at least 48 hours and preferably ten days in advance of the move date.
    Each employee of the mover should be bonded and attired in the same type and color uniform plainly lettered with the moving company’s name. These requirements must be strictly adhered to in order to maintain the security of the Building.
  2. Inspection of Premises
    The mover shall be responsible for inspecting the Tenant’s suite prior to the move. The mover should acquaint themselves with the conditions existing in the suite, so that they may furnish all equipment and labor necessary to provide for the orderly, timely and efficient movement of furnishings and equipment. The mover should also acquaint themselves with all available information regarding difficulties that may be encountered and the conditions, including safety precautions, under which the work must be performed. We ask that you contact the Office of the Building 180 North LaSalle Street, Suite LL-020 Chicago, Illinois 60601: 312.827.7800 in advance to confirm all arrangements.
  3. Supervision, Labor, Materials and Equipment
    The mover shall furnish all supervision, labor, materials, supplies, and equipment necessary to perform all the services contemplated. Such equipment shall include dollies, trucks, etc. as may be required. All material handling vehicles used in the interior of building must have rubber wheels and must be free of grease and dirt. It is required that Masonite floor covering material be provided by mover and laid down to protect the elevator lobby and corridor caret/flooring.

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