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Moving Procedures
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Instructions to Movers (Continued)

  1. Crating, Padding and Packing Material
    The mover must take every precaution by means of crating and padding to safeguard property from damage. All padding and packing materials are to be removed by the mover.
  2. Floor and Wall Protection
    The mover must protect the building from damage at all times. All requests to enclose or specially protect such property shall be complied with. This means that :
    1. Masonite floor protection must be used on all marble, granite, terrazzo and carpeted areas.
    2. Elevators must have properly fitted pads in place.
    3. The mover shall also furnish, install and remove floor, carpet, wall and glass protective material wherever necessary to protect the building from damage.
  3. Permits, Franchises, Licenses, or other Lawful Authority
    The mover, at his own expense, must obtain and maintain any necessary permits, franchises, licenses, or other lawful documentation required for affecting the move. Before the move is made, the mover may be required to produce evidence of such to the Office of the Building.
  1. Indemnity – Insurance
    The mover shall at the mover’s sole cost and expense obtain, maintain, and deliver evidence of insurance meeting current requirements.

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