On-Site Amenities
On-Site Amenities
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Conference Center - Lower Level

180 North LaSalle has a Conference Center comprised of three separate spaces available to rent for our tenants. Each room features an in-room wall mounted controller that can adjust lighting levels and screens, giving the presenter the utmost control over his/her environment.

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Tenants can reserve the Conference Center through Building Engines. Please contact the Office of the Building for assistance with special requests: 180nlasalle.info@hins.com.

Tenant Lounge - Lower Level

180 N LaSalle now has a tenant lounge located on the lower level for tenants to enjoy. This modern lounge offers seating and places to plug- in devices throughout the space. Entering the Lounge, tenants are greeted by warm living space with lounge and club room furnishings. You can relax, work, eat or watch TV. The Lounge also features a bar designed to accommodate any type of setup or pop-up-shop. Its blend of casual lounge and corporate office designs offers employees a retreat from the day-to-day into a smoothing, social atmosphere.


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