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Maintenance Requests


To facilitate a quick response, tenants should be familiar with the following procedures for requesting building services:

  1. Place the request by logging into Building Engines Work Order System. Please contact the Administrative Assistant to get set up in the system at or by calling 312.827.7800.
  2. Give the following information:
    1. Tenant’s name
    2. Tenant’s suite number
    3. The name of the individual requesting the service.
    4. Nature of the request or issue (suite temperature, cleaning, electrical, etc.)
  3. The System will dispatch the proper personnel to service your request.
  4. The Security staff has instructions on how to handle emergencies during non-business hours.
  5. Response time to the request will vary, however the request can usually be categorized in the following manner:
    1. Emergency ( water leak, chemical spill, etc. ) : Immediate response
    2. Comfort call (suite temperature) : Next available engineer
    3. Cleaning request: Will be taken care of by nightly cleaning crew
    4. Special services (hang pictures, handle deliveries, clean up broken glass, etc.): Variable time- depending on availability of engineers or day porters.
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