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General Rules and Regulations

Floor Load

Code requirements restrict placing loads upon floors that exceed the load per square foot for which the floor was designed. 180 North LaSalle has an office live load of 75lbs. per square foot. Should you find it necessary to utilize equipment, which exceeds this rating, you must receive prior written approval from the Office of the Building.

Electrical/Telephone/CRT Line Installation

Access to space occupied by other tenants is sometimes required for the installation of electrical and telephone floor outlets and CRT conduits. We will try to contact you ahead of time to request access for the electrician at a convenient time. Work of this nature is usually scheduled in the evening or on weekends so as not to disrupt tenants during business hours.

Electrical Requirements for Furniture Partitions

The City of Chicago electrical code is very strict concerning the electrical wiring of furniture partitions. Prior to the purchase of any partitions, please submit their specifications to the Office of the Building for review by the 180 North LaSalle Chief Engineer.

Window Covering

The Building standard is mecho shades.

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