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Bomb Threat

Telephone bomb threats can be received by any person at any time, but will usually be received by Security, a main switchboard operator or persons in a sensitive area. Mail bombs or bomb threats may be received by a variety of means including standard mail, package delivery service or truck.

While the vast majority of threats are false alarms, at no time should any threat be regarded as a false alarm. Always err on the side of safety.

If you receive a telephone bomb threat:

  1. Remain CALM and attempt to keep caller on the line as long as possible.
  2. Note the time of call and telephone number it came in on.
  3. If possible, signal a co-worker to call 911.
    • Use the Bomb Threat Checklist as a guide. It is a good idea to keep the checklist near your phone.
    • Listen carefully to caller and note any background sounds you may hear.
    • After caller hangs up, call 911 immediately (if not done already).
    • Call the Office of the Building at 312.827.7800 and your Floor Warden.
    • Your Floor Warden and the Emergency Response Team will visually search the immediate area for any strange or usual objects, update authorities and evacuate the area.
    • Never disturb a suspicious object or package or use cell phones, radios or any other electronic devices in or around the area.
    • Keep this information as confidential as possible, and follow instructions of the authorities.
    • If there is a need to evacuate, do not re-enter the area until advised to do so by the authorities.

If you receive a written bomb threat or parcel:

  • Remain CALM.
  • If you think the parcel may be an explosive device, calmly and quietly alert individuals in the area to leave quietly.
  • Call 911 if you think the item may be a harmful agent.
  • Call the Office of the Building at 312.827.7800 and your Floor Warden.
  • Do not move or disturb item.
  • Do not attempt to open the item.
  • Keep anyone from handling it or going near it.
  • Do not use portable radios or cell phones in the vicinity of the item as they may cause detonation.
  • Write down everything you remember about the letter or parcel.
  • Save all packing materials.
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