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Severe Weather/Tornado
  • In the event a tornado warning is issued, alarms will sound throughout the downtown area. After a warning has been issued, the Office of the Building will provide periodic updates.
  • An announcement will be made over the Emergency Communication System in the event severe weather conditions make it necessary for employees to move to designated shelter areas.
  • Stay clear from windows as the danger in a tornado situation will be from flying glass and other airborne objects.
  • Exit all perimeter offices and close doors to interior areas.
  • Proceed to the interior core of the building. Stairwells and restrooms offer the best protection against flying debris.
  • Verify that all employees are accounted for.
  • Assist persons with disabilities to the shelter area.
  • Remain in the shelter area until an “All Clear” has been issued via the Emergency Communication System.
  • Do not use the elevators or attempt to leave the building and avoid the lobby area during the tornado warning.
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