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Crime Prevention

The following is a list of general office security recommendations, which are offered to you as an aid in preventing crime:

  • Lock up your valuables even if you are just going down the hall. It takes a theif less tha 10 seconds to enter a room and steal your property.
  • Lock up laptop computers before leaving for the night.
  • When entering a secure area, do not let someone unknown to you 'tailgate' in behind you.
  • Make individuals unknown to you present their I.D. to confirm access authorization.
  • Do not leave messages on your door indicating you are away and when you will be back.
  • Do not put your home address on your keys and do not leave your keys in a 'special' hiding place in your office.
  • Call the Office of the Building at 312.827.7800 to report any suspicious persons or activities.
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