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Fire and Smoke

If you discover fire or smoke:

  • Call 911 and give them the following information:
    • Building Address – 180 North LaSalle
    • Floor of Concern
    • Your Name & Phone Number
    • Location of fire on the floor, if possible
  • Call the Office of the Building at 312.827.7800 and notify your Floor Warden.
  • If properly trained, attempt to extinguish a small, controllable fire.
  • Do not attempt to fight a fire that is out of control.
  • If instructed by your Floor Warden or Voice Communication System, begin evacuation as directed and do not use elevators.
  • Do not talk and listen carefully for instructions.
  • See detailed Evacuation Procedures below.

If trapped in an office or room with a door:

  • Notify 911 of your problem and location.
  • If possible, wedge wet towels or cloth material along the bottom of the door to keep out smoke.
  • Try to close as many doors between you and the fire as possible.
  • Stay close to the floor and wait for assistance.

Response to audible fire alarms:

  • If the audible alarm sounds and/or emergency strobe lights begin to blink, assemble near the closest stairwell and await further instructions.
  • Listen carefully for instructions over the emergency communication system.
  • If someone needs additional assistance, notify your Floor Warden, emergency team member or Building Security at 312.827.7800 to the location and condition of the person.
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