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Emergency Response Team
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In the event of an emergency, there are three teams that come together to direct occupants to safety; the Building Management Team, the Tenant Emergency Safety Team and the Local Municipal Authorities Team.


    Consist of building management, engineers, and security personnel.

    Fire Safety Director – Primary responsibility is to coordinate and implement an effective emergency & evacuation plan of the buildings occupants in case of an emergency that requires evacuation, relocation or other instruction. Further, responsibility stems from preparation, monitoring, and implementation (with the approval & assistance of local Fire & Police authorities), training programs for all members of the Emergency Teams, the actual Emergency Evacuation Plan of Action, and the related records.

    Chief Engineer
    – Upon a building alarm sounding the Chief Engineer is dispatched directly to the location of alarm. Unless he is in imminent danger, he trouble shoots the situation, until arrival of the Fire Department.

    Emergency Personnel consist of Fire, Police and Medical. In the event of an emergency, employees should call 911, for any of the services below, then immediately alert Security.

    Fire Department – Fire Personnel will respond directly to the building that receives an alarm. They will meet with the Building Engineering Staff and go directly to the point of smoke, fire, panel or command center. Once the situation is in control, Security will proceed to prepare an incident report for building management.

    Police Department –
    If assistance is needed for an altercation, contact the Security office. They will respond and attempt to remedy the situation. If Security is unable to control the situation, they will contact the Police. If the situation is determined to be life threatening, call 911 and Security.

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