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Emergency Response Team
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Emergency Medical Service
– If medical services are dispatched, be prepared to provide your name, phone, address, exact floor location of the injured party and their condition. Immediately thereafter, notify Security so that they may meet and escort the medical team to your location, without delay. Medical Personnel will arrive on the LaSalle Street Entrance of the building and enter through the ADA Door. Security Personnel will meet them at the elevator and escort Medical Personnel to the injured party. Security will also notify the Office of the Building of the emergency situation. After the Medical Personnel have attended to the injured party, Security will prepare an incident report on behalf of the Office of the Building.


    The following information describes the organization and roles of each tenant’s mandatory Emergency Evacuation Team. This team should consist of key personnel who are trained to respond to emergency events that may require relocation, evacuation or coordination with the Property Management Team in the event of an emergency. It is of utmost importance that the individuals trained to carry out these roles understand the responsibility involved and the critical nature of their response in the event of an emergency. Please contact the Office of the Building at 312.827.7800 if, at any time, you are unclear about your role as a Floor Warden or a member of the Emergency Evacuation Team.

    An outline of each member’s role on the Emergency Evacuation Team is described below:

Floor Wardens
Responsibilities prior to an emergency:

  • Familiarization with individual floor or area
  • Compile and update current rosters and lists
  • Emergency Evacuation Team & Alternates
  • All employees in your area
  • All special needs individuals
  • Assign team members to special needs people
  • Provide current lists to building management
  • Remain in contact with building management to review emergency procedures

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