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Emergency Response Team
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Floor Wardens (Continued)
Responsibility in the event of an emergency:

  • Call 911 if appropriate
  • Notify Building Management at 312.827.7800
  • Insure that all tenants of the floor are notified
  • Respond to the elevator lobby with all rosters
  • Coordinate EET activities
  • Remain alert for instructions
  • Receive reports from Team Members
  • Insure that the floor or area is evacuated
  • Report status of area, including individuals unaccounted for or those unable to evacuate the area to Fire Command Center
  • Proceed to your pre-determined assembly site for an accountability check


Assistant Floor Warden
In the event of an emergency:

  • Report to the floor’s command post at the elevator lobby
  • Assist in evacuation as directed by Floor Warden
  • Assume the position of the Floor Warden in his/her absence

Search Monitor

  • Search designated area quickly and thoroughly
  • Start at the point furthest from the exit and proceed toward the exit
  • Once the rooms are searched, close but do not lock doors
  • Insist that all persons evacuate immediately
  • Report to the Floor Warden

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