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Emergency Response Team
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Stairwell Monitors

  • Report to assigned stairwell to assist in orderly evacuation
  • Inspect stairwell for heat and smoke conditions
  • Coordinate merging with individuals from other floors
  • Provide instructions
    • Quickly, quietly, hands free
    • Use both handrails
    • No smoking eating or drinking
  • Report to Floor Warden

Elevator Monitors

  • Report immediately to assigned elevator bank
  • Deny employees and guests entry to elevators
  • Evacuate occupants from elevators
  • Direct individuals to nearest exit stairwell
  • Report all information to the Floor Warden

Evacuation Assistant

  • Respond to assigned special needs employee
  • Assist individual to nearest exit stairwell
  • Ask for help if necessary, or wait in safe area until help arrives
  • Report anyone who cannot be evacuated to the Floor Warden or Security
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