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Workplace Violence

Workplace violence includes verbal assaults, stalking, threats and physical assaults. If you experience a workplace violence situation, do the following:

  • If any kind of weapon is involved call Chicago Police at 911.
  • Call the Office of the Building at 312.827.7800.
  • Remain CALM and do not aggravate the situation.
  • Keep as far from the hostile individual(s) as possible.
  • Limit the hostile individuals' access to interior building areas.
  • Save any evidence of threats (e.g. voice mail messages, notes, etc.).
  • If needed, arrange for a security escort for any threatened individuals when they leave the building.

Types of Threats

  • Electronic Threats: Telephone calls, voice mail messages, e-mail, etc.
  • Stalking: Following a person on or off site, returning to an area when requested to leave, etc.
  • Harassment: Unwelcome acts, gestures, verbal communication, or physical contact not resulting in physical harm.
  • Overheard threats: Threats overheard which are directed against an employee or sabotage to property.
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